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Literal perfection – two heads are better than one

Effective language is like a rocket: if everything’s working, it can take you all the way to the stars. Yet the slightest mistake, and everything falls apart. If you want to achieve something, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Proofreading isn’t an add-on service here – it’s an integral part of what we do. Copy from Into The Words is always looked over by another set of eyes: a language specialist performs the translation and another checks and refines it.

Precision testing – with a beauty treatment thrown in

By proofreading, we don’t just mean checking the spelling and grammar: we also do a thorough check of the structure and content, looking at the translated piece against the original text. All done and dusted? Not quite. We look for stylistic congruence and – if necessary – make sure that the finished piece will work with the final layout. We expect nothing less than perfection.

Where does that take us? Well, it launches us up to stellar standards of quality.